Dienstag, 20. September 2011

An Eclipse-Plugin for Redline Smalltalk

I just started the development of an eclipse-plugin for redline smalltalk. It is the very first preview but i wanted to release this early to be prepared for any wishes/ commets etc. The project ist hosted on github.
I'm using Xtext for parsing/ syntax coloring/ code completition etc. So i have to reimplement parts of the parser, but Xtext is very powerful and we can use all of the nifty features of the eclipse plugin development environment.
Currently it's only an Editor but it could be enhanced to an own "Perspective" with more Smalltalk-Development Tools, e.g. 
  • Class Hierarchy Browser (by switching to that perspective all .st-files would get parsed to an ecore-model)
  • Debugger (it's already there)
  • Transcript (a console, it's already there too)
  • a Workspace (we could use something like the eclipse-scrapbook-pages for that)
This Perspective could be packaged as an own RCP-Application so we would have a standalone Smalltalk-IDE ... 

The plugin registers a viewer for files with the extension ".st"
The viewer has two tabs. You can switch between the source view with syntax coloring and code completition and the class view, where you can select from a list of methods and see the associated method-source.
Any Ideas and wishes are welcome!

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