Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

Smalltalk & Java: JTalk Server

Recently I was playing around with the amazing Jtalk Project. It's a Smalltalk-System running on top of Javascript - completly in your browser!
I have some far away goals for software development in mind:
1. develop Software from within a Browser
2. use Smalltalk as primary Language, because it's the best programming language ever :-)
3. have interfaces to the JVM, so i can use sophisticated and reliable frameworks
There are a few Projects i know of, that address the goal of integrating Smalltalk with the Java (redline, Athena) but none of them seems to be very stable.
Now i found out, that Jtalk could do the job! So i spend a little time to set up a project hosted on the google app engine that serves as a development home for Jtalk Projects, where you have the possibility to save the current "state" (the complete source) to a database and resume developing anywhere anytime. You need a google-account to use it.
In this thread on the jtalk-discussion-group, i showed that it is possible to run Jtalk on top of the JVM and execute Smalltalk-Code. The way back - calling Java-Classes from Smalltalk is shown also.
At the moment my project only uses Jtalk on the client-side, the next step will be, make it run on the server-side.
Here's the link to where you can test JTalk Server: http://jtalk-server.appspot.com/ and the code is here: http://code.google.com/p/jtalk-server/
Any help, tipps or comments are welcome!

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